The Celestial Registry Web Review

This novelty gift store says on it's website to have been serving public since 1993.  A whois lookup of the domain shows a registered date of 1999 and the registrar is based in Haymarket Virginia. The offer 6 Star gift packages available for purchase and also have other options available.  Celestial Registry attempts to set itself apart from the competition by not having pre-printed text for the certificate and allows customizing of the message.

Their number is 800-309-4794

Pricing on Star Gift Packages

Celestial Registry offer multiple gift packages to suit the naming of a star for your loved one.  All packages come with a parchment certificate and a star chart depicting the location of your star.  They are shipped to you and you customized expression in used of the certificate.  Economy Packages start at $34.95.  They offer additional option to bring your price upwards of around $100 to include Oak or Gold framed certificates and even special add-ons like necklaces and engraved plates.

One nice feature is a gold raised seal on the certificates which makes them seem more "official" or important looking.

Choosing a star

It does not appear if you can "choose" you own star.  However, Celestial Registry does state that there are no duplicate registries of stars in there database.


What an amazing event when a star goes SUPERNOVA.  Essentially when a star is at the end of its life it expands and eventually goes supernova and fizzles out.  If that happens to your given star be honored it doesn't happen that often.  Celestial Registry will name a new star in your name if that happens to your star, a unique guarantee that we wonder if they have ever had to honor?