Pale Blue Dot Project- White Dwarf Information

This is an awesome non-profit company without all the pizazz of the business entity's selling star naming services.  With a very reasonable price and knowing that your money will be going towards scientific research on the star you adopt it's a win win all around.

NASA's Kepler satellite and search habitable planets

The goal of the Pale Blue Dot Project is to support research on star's being "watched" or photographed by NASA's Kepler satellite.  The satellite was launched in March of 2009 to possibly discover Earth like planets around the stars in the CYGNUS constellation.  By monitoring the change in light output when a planet passes in front of a star scientist can learn a lot about the planet orbiting.

The cost of adopting a star

Adopting a star through the program cost just $10 dollars.

For that bargain basement price you get to choose your star too! as long as it has not already been chosen by another donor to the program.  However, remember this is a very special program supporting a particular mission so you will be limited to the 100,000 or so stars in the CYGNUS constellation so this may not be an easy choice.

What you get

Upon adopting a star you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ADOPTION by e-mail to print at your home. The certificate will have your name on it and the scientific designation of the star you adopted.  Your adoption will be acknowledged in the text version of the catalog. As a bonus if your adopted star is found to have a planet orbiting it you will be featured on the website and told where to learn more about the discovery you helped make happen!