Information on Star Naming - How to Name Stars

You have found the web's premier stop for information about how to name a star.  Whether you want to name one star after yourself or find a special star for someone in your life you'll find a way to do it here.  All of the star naming information - official star naming guideline and top competing companies are here for you to learn and decide how YOU want to go about naming a star.

Top Star Naming Companies

All of the internet's top star naming companies are listed on the left.  If you click on the links you will find information about each one.  Some pricing information for you to consider and the legitimacy of the company involved.  Some offer registry at the national library.  Others even shoot a transcript of your star name into outer space on a rocket! 

Remember there are BILLIONS of galaxies in the universe each with BILLIONS of stars each so trust us when we say it's unthinkable that we'll run out of stars to name.

Finding a star to name

With so many stars out there how do you choose one to name? The first consideration is if you want your star to be visible with the naked eye from wherever you are located on wonderful planet Earth?  Secondly, many people looking to name a star after a loved one or that special someone in your life look for some sort of meaning to the choice of a star.  Maybe you want the star to be part of a constellation that seems to fit the personality of the gift recipient. Perhaps you want the brightest little star in a particular region of space.  Or large star about to go SUPERNOVA.  Trust us you'll find something you are looking for.  Every site has tools to help you find a star.  You can even visit Google Sky to find one on your own.

How much is it to name a star?

Probably the top question for a great many star searchers out there is how much will it cost be to name a giant flaming ball of gas?  The answer is it depends we recommend you check out the review page for each site listed at the left and choose a site that best fits your needs and budget.  For those of you that are a little thrifty check out of Free Star Naming Certificate.

Can you really, truly, officially, legitimately, absolutely name a star!!! ?

Why not? Unless you are worried about upsetting some alien culture in the far future by naming your star something that isn't suitable don't worry about it.  Star naming is a fun exercise that can get people thinking about outer space, science and learning.

Probably the most "OFFICIAL" organization you can find on star naming is the IAU or International Astronomical Union, check em out here.  Keep in mind the whole world Earth does not specifically endorse one agency however they are the most widely accepted "official" designator of star names.