StarMoniker - Star Naming Service

Star Moniker offers a very quick easy to use form on their website to name a star in honor of the person of your choice, even yourself!  The three step form makes star naming a simple process and can be completed in under 2 minutes if your fast entering your billing information.  You get an electronically generated PDF from star moniker that is ready to print instantly.  The PDF form was professionally designed and sure to impress your friends.

Choosing My Star and Pricing

Are you a shopper?  Do you like to look around and find that perfect gift?  Well if so StarMoniker may not be the star naming service for you.  But if you are looking for a quick way to get a professional looking certificate than this is the place.  There is only ONE PRICE  $18.95 and because the form is electronically generated there is no shipping or handling or other hidden charges to worry about.  Unfortunately you do not get to choose your star however you can look up or "find" your star from the coordinates they give you.

Forever Immortalized?

Will there always be a record of my star name?  Well forever is  a very long time, however StarMoniker does save the PDF file created for you to reprint as many times as you like.  Your unique registration number is also accessible online 24/7.  As with any catalog or database the longevity is as good as the keeper. Were confident as long as StarMoniker stays in business they keep record of every star someone has named through there website.