Name A Star Live Web Review

Name a star live offers star naming service starting at just $19.95.  They offer this gift through the website  The website was registered in August 2006 and the registrar is listed in Houston, Texas.  This so goes a step further than some claiming to be "real" and offers reasons why others are not.  I guess it all depends on ones definition of real.  We can say there website is very professional and they offer some unique features.

Unique Features  - Why They are real

Name a Star Live DOES offer some impressive features available with gift packages for star naming.

1) They offer supposed LIVE viewing of your star through the SLOOH observatory you can take control of robotically controlled telescope to peer at your star.  Please remember there really is no live viewing of stars, because of their great distance from Earth what we see is the light that finally got here.  The closest star other than our sun is Alpha Centauri(A and B) and even those are 4.37 light years away meaning what we are seeing is that many years old image.  Many stars are 100's of millions of light years away.

2) Astronomy Software included for free.  The Star Namers doesn't understand how this makes a company more "real" but it is a cool little add on.

3) Launching Name and message to SPACE!  We have to admit off all the add ons this seems ultra cool.  But where does it go in space(the site says they launch orbital and sub orbital)?  We wonder if they are all just floating in Earth orbit? or eventually burn up in the atmosphere.

Choosing a particular star

This is one of the options we really like about Name A Star Live.  You DO have the option of choosing an exact star to name.  Remember all the stars in the Name a Star Live catalog are outside the naked eye spectrum from Earth.  They will also let you set certain criteria for your star such as the magnitude level you want your star to be.

Gift Set Pricing

This company offer a wide variety of gift sets for nearly any budget and desire. For the bargain price of only $19.95 you can get a instant star certificate for printing, a launch certificate after launch into space, and a free e-book.  The options go up from there with the most common set containing FRAMED certificates and access to SLOOH observatory for finding your star.  There most expensive gift packages start at $99.95 and can go up from with additional options.