International Star Registry Review and Information

The International Star Registry has been naming stars for people around the world since 1979 and is believe to be the longest running star naming registrant.  They certainly boast some BIG numbers on their website claiming to have registered names for over 1 MILLION stars. Their primary website has been on record since 1997.  They are based in Ingleside, IL in the United States of America.

Book Your Place in The Cosmos

In order to further legitimize and differentiate themselves from other star naming companies the International Star Registry creates a book called "Your Place in The Cosmos".  It is essentially a mass listing of everyone who has purchased a star name through them with there telescopic coordinates.  The book itself is copyrighted.

Pricing and Packages

Purchasing a "Star Kit" from this business is an easy experience with MANY options.  Starting at $54 plus shipping and handling you can get a custom star kit that includes a parchment certificate with the name, date and coordinates of it as well as a chart containing the location of your star.  Further options with additional pricing up to around $500! are available.  For the extra money you can get wallet card, framed prints, and larger certificates.  Combo packages are also available.

Other products available for purchase include the book "Your Place in The Cosmos", gift certificates and personalized items.

Choosing Your Star Location

One nice feature when purchasing a gift pack through them is the ability to choose your star location.  Well sort of, you can choose from a large list of constellations.  Or Choose by your zodiac sign.  It's a little way to customize where you can point out that special star in the sky.


International Star Registy is a trademark name all information here is for research and informational purposes only.