Star Naming Certificate - Free

Are you tight on CASH and want an easy way to print your own star name certificate? Well The Star Namers has created a fillable PDF form for just that purpose.

How to find my STAR!

Finding a star is easy with a simple tool from Google called Google Sky.

Simply go to that website and find a star you'd like to associate with a name.  Place your mouse directly over it and write down the coordinates shown at the bottom of the screen.  You'll want to enter them on your certificate.

Printing my star

Once you find your chosen star you can go ahead and print it directly from Google Sky.  We did so on glossy photo paper and it looked great!


Put it in a frame and admire for years.





Of course, just like every other star naming site this isn't registered in the scientific community or really anywhere - it won't be launched into outer space like some.  And you can't look it up in a proprietary database - but you can look up the coordinates anytime!. Want it recorded somewhere? Well post it on a blog, facebook, anywhere on the internet, this will create an electronic record - just include the name, date and celestial coordinates!


Naming a Star through this form is not recognized by the IAU or any other organization and will not associate your given name with the star by the scientific community.